Hello everyone, hope you all doing good.

From the last week, I feel so nostalgic, not for no reason. Actually, I have turned 23 years last week. Already one week passed but still, I am with my precious memories. Yeah, its old fashion to get some “precious” memories nowadays, though we coined some more fancy words. Most of the times people ask me why I often hooked up with the old memories. Because at least once a month my WhatsApp status would flood with some nostalgic pictures or quotes. Maybe my friends are already tired of my nostalgic things.

So, being nostalgic is good or the waste of time? Actually being nostalgic too often for sad memories is definitely an unhealthy one. When we think about the pleasant memories with people we love, it will definitely give a way to recreate those good times between any other difficulties to catch up. Also when we think about some difficult situations we faced before the success, it would remind our confidence and steadfastness to reach our goals. So, for me being nostalgic is a kind of having an energy booster to maintain our happy way of life.

I feel happy, loved, confident and strong when I have some positive nostalgic vibe.

So, feel free to be occupied with some good memories.



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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    Its good to be nostalgic, nostalgia is about who you are!

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    1. Yes, right? It is about who we are😍


    1. 😁😍 hehe…Thank you sis😘

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  2. huguetta says:

    I love Nostalgia even if it will make me cry! it’s a great feeling to be able to re-live some happy moments for a while!
    Great read! Thank you for sharing and Happy Belated birthday 🙂

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    1. Yes😊 thank you so much

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      1. huguetta says:

        My pleasure 🙂

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