Today I’ve read a piece of news on my Facebook newsfeed about an IIT Delhi scholar’s suicide and this happened in last year. I’ve astonished about the reason. That was for DOWRY. Still can’t believe this dowry system took a life of a scholar’s. She was doing her P.hd and even that was about to end in a month. But she killed herself by hanging in her hostel room. Her family and friends were said that she was under pressure and tortured by her in-laws to get more dowry. WAIT… Are we in the 21st century and believe that we nearly overcoming these stupid systems?

This INDIAN father’s emotional statement came out like a thread to the girls’ education again. He told “It was a mistake to educate my daughter and send her to IIT. I should have saved all the money for her DOWRY”. 

Is this our way forward or again lead girl children life to that black days? One side, we educate our girls but forgot to teach them how to tackle or cope with these kinds of difficult situations. On the other side, some people in our so-called society have proud on women or girls who are having those talent to tackle some hard situation in family BUT never let them educate.

Coming to the point, educating people with a degree or even more degrees will never gonna help. We should educate our youngsters mind firs,t not everyone but even some young people following these kinds of their family’s footsteps. I thought that these dowry system problem was only going on in some village or among some illiterate people. But this kind of news really shocked me.

And, I do agree, girls family is also responsible for encouraging DOWRY. Some rich families want to boast and show their status through this dowry. They want to show off their wealth and this stimulates some middle-class people too. This is how this system keeps staying in our society as a SILENT KILLER. So, we can’t just look into men and say that ” You are responsible to stop taking DOWRY”. But as well as GIRLS too have some responsibility to stop this system by “NOT USING THIS SYSTEM”.



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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    There are so many things that India needs to change, after all we are living in the 21st Century!

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