This is how I ended up here.


Hello everyone, hope you all had a great day. I had such a leisure day and read a lot. Today I got a regular notification from Facebook and that was “You have memories to look back on today”. Usually, we get this, right?. I always feel so excited to see my memories and more often I reshare them. Likewise, I was excited while seeing a post from 2 years ago. That was a picture actually, a quote that I wrote from one of my very earlier days of writing. So, yes it’s 2 years ago I started to scribble something to pen down my thoughts. This is the pic which made me to write this post. Actually I didn’t have this one and almost forgotten.

I had a habit of updating my WhatsApp status with my own one-liners quotes. But some of my contacts took my status and was using them like theirs. Actually, for me “Its a crime and really wrong to own someone’s own effort or creativity”. I never encourage those kinds of things. Then I started to create those quotes on pictures with my name. Then one day, a year ago, I was searching for some cool apps to create and edit my quotes. That day I found an app “YOUR QUOTE” accidentally and tried it. It was really started from there. Some of my friends encouraged me that my write-ups were good.

Then with my own interest, I started a blog named “THE INTERMINABLE THOUGHTS” not this one. I started that one and a half years ago. I had to face some technical issues after I changed my URL. So, I deleted that blog and didn’t have any blog for the next 6 months. Then I created a blog with the same name. Actually, I used to write under my nickname “Dhilahaa”. I was writing on Instagram, Your quote app and WP with that name only. Because I was kinda obsessed with that name and I have totally avoided my own name coz it is a really old-fashioned name. But, now I love my name and feeling really blessed to have this one. Because I’ve understood that “Your name or appearance is not at all a matter if you have unique matters in your mind. What you think will define you not your name.”

I need to say here that by whom I inspired or got an idea to start a blog. That was by one of my favorite writers, Nakul Grover. He is the author of an amazing self-help book “Superhuman in You”. I got motivation from his book and through his WP blog 2 years ago. Then only I had the courage and confidence to do what I like and to do what I feel happy. Even my third post is about his book.

I just thought of sharing this, about how I started this journey. Because, I, myself can’t even believe that I am maintaining to write on a blog, FB page, Instagram and a writing app. I was never thought about it even in my weird dream. It feels even weirder when I get some positive comments from my readers and friends. At last, I compromise myself by thinking this what my Almighty wants me to choose to motivate some people, Alhamdulillah.

hummmm..That’s all. Thank you so so much to the readers who are reading my blog and this post.



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  1. Novus Lectio says:

    I’m happy to have known you sister. Sometimes I can’t believe that I blog too! It’s so weird for me. Because it’s something I have to do in secret unfortunately. But it brings me joy too to have a place to share my thoughts and make friends

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    1. Yes sissy…this is the same thing I feel. It gives me joy to share my thoughts, which people arround me didn’t listen😐😂 . And to make friends with the same thoughts 😊. Also I am really happy to know you from the beginning of my journey here😊😍😘


  2. Your journey is truly inspiring

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    1. Ohh😋Thank you so much for reading my journey 😊


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