As a literature student and being a book lover, I have been witnessing a lot of women characters through books and literature. As we already know that every literature is a mirror of their society. So, through society, we can see the vivid portrayal of past and contemporary women, the state and evolution of women from ancient age to this modern age. It means, this definitely indicates the empowerment and the changes in women’s lives. The role of women is an inevitable one in literature through every era in a wide range. I want to share something from the novels I have read and heard about so far. Most of the novels I am going to mention here is from Indian Literature.

Women are portrayed differently depending upon the writers or the circumstances of the plot, culture, and customs of the society. Maybe the name and the environment differs from the work to work in literature but the problems and issues are concentrated and portrayed are the same. In the modern feminist era, particularly after women earned some rights in many countries – literature has concentrated increasingly on women’s changing roles and continued obstacles to equality.

So, I would like to discuss something from my next posts. And feel free to share your thoughts.