It’s ok to be lazy…


Today, I was watching one of my favourite Korean drama since I love Korean dramas. A dialogue from the hero has clinged with my mind for so long.👇

To be able to blame someone.
I am too Lazy.

-Kim Tan (Hiers)

That’s why I came up with this title. It’s okay to be lazy. Now just take a second and think about when you blame someone,last time. Honestly, for me there would be no reasonable things to blame. Alhamdhulillah, for this I am too Lazy😂. That’s why I dare to take this topic.

we can see some people blame others and even some make it as a habit to blame about anything and anyone. Throughout my life till now, I heard so many blabberings. All I could able to do was just kept quiet like I was not existed. I hate people who blame others to me. I always wonder how those people can waste their time and energy like that…

When you blame and criticise others,
You are avoiding some truth about yourself.


Why we blame and criticize? To avoid the truth? Is that so hard to accept the truth and change than wasting our time and spoiling our traits?

Seriously, blaming others for your mistake or theirs’ is totally a waste of time and energy. This act will definitely divert our mind and goals and will steal our time. If we start to enjoy blaming others we would have no time to improve yourself.

Blaming others takes

time and energy away from

Improving yourself


So stop blaming others and try to build yourself . Of course, as human beings we can’t be 100% good or perfect. But just try your best to save your time by getting blame or blaming others. And sometimes the satisfaction of tried to do something better is enough, right?

So just keep concentration on yourself.



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